Squale 50 Atmos - original diver’s watch with rich history

Squale is one of the few brands, which specializes exclusively on diver’s watches and at the same time can pride itself with a long history. Only very few brands did manage to resist a temptation to produce different styles of watches as for example elegant, pilot models etc. Squale did, because their motto is “We make only that, in what we excel” and so they are making only diver’s watches. Let’s talk a little bit about history of this brand. Their rich history can be surprising for many of you.

Charles von Buren - founder of the Squale brand

In 1950 Charles and Hélène von Buren established a watch company named von Buren SA in swiss town Neuchâtel. Since the beginning they’ve quickly started to specialize in less explored field of diver’s watches. In those times it was about real technical equipment of diver, whose life was many times dependant on it. That’s why the watch had to be extremely reliable. The watch captured founder’s daughter, Monique, by heart, and since she was testing them at the beginning by herself, she’s become an excellent swimmer and an expert in diving. At the same time she was a marine biologist.

Monique and Charles von Buren

In 1959 the company von Buren SA registered its brand Squale and acquired its first patent for construction of diver’s watch case. At first, the company was producing only cases and few other components, later in 60s has C. Von Büren (founder of brand) decided to produce complete watch under his brand. That’s when the first watch appeared with logo SQUALE on its dial (not only on back case), and the history of this brand has begun.

First sport successes of the brand were recorded in between years 1965 - 68 when the brand sponsored Maria y Giuliana Treleani nicknamed Jolly, who achieved world record in deep diving without breathing apparatus (31 meters in 1965, 35 meters in 1966 when she outperformed her own record and at last 45 meters in 1967). Her record was not outperformed for next 15 years.

Squale history

In 70s the brand made first “1000 meters” watch with revolutionary bezel, which was rotary to both directions after its push down. This kind of bezel you can also find in today’s models with designation number 2002. Squale continued to make watches, which they started to supply to significant clients, as armed forces of Italian army, but mainly to other swiss watch producers of vibrant names as Sinn, Tag Heuer, Blancpain, Doxa, Zeno and many others.  This gave the brand real prestige in 70s. The brand’s rebirth occurred in 2010 since when are these watches manufactured in the heart of Switzerland and continue to bare label SWISS MADE. Models, which were using SQUALE watch case were obliged to label their dials with SQUALE logo as synonym of quality. That’s the reason why on some historical models of other brands can be seen logo Squale as well. For example, legendary model Blancpain Fifty Fathoms bared compulsory label Squale on its dial as a guaranty of quality.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms

In german magazine from 70s named Poseidon (magazin does not exist anymore) are records of comparing test of several diver’s watches. The brand SQUALE was compared, besides other brands, to prestigious german brand Glashutte, whereas SQUALE watch received the best rating!

Squale history magazine Poseidon

That’s all from I believe very interesting history of the brand, now let’s look closer at current model Squale 50 Atmos blue blasted.

Squale 50 Atmos blasted on black rubber strap

Until current days, the brand is not devoted only to its diver’s watches, but tries to adhere the design attributes of the original models. This model has unique case curves and I have to admit, that this is one of the most most beautiful cases I have ever seen. Whereas I can say, that I’ve seen many of them. The case is beautifully simple and timeless from the front side:

Squale 1521 blue blasted with vintage leather strapHowever, if you turn it to the side, it appears in full beauty, adorned with logo of the brand:

Squale 1521 blue blasted case

As well, the back case won’t leave you in doubts, that this watch is capable to resist 50 ATM, in customer’s language, 500 meters water resistance. Each case has an individual engraved serial number.

Squale 1521 blue blasted caseback

A thing which none of diver’s watch can miss, is rotating bezel (in this case 60 clicks), vivid minute hand for time reading under water and safe crown placement, against unwanted pull out or damage. As the model is equipped with screw-down crown, which is placed at 4 o’clock position, this will not happen. On the crown you can find a nice historic reference to the company von Buren.

Squale 1521 blue blasted crown

The watch is equipped with a well-known swiss automatic movement ETA 2824-2, case diameter is 40mm and you can choose between vintage brown leather strap, which will perfectly fit with sand case finish as well as blue colour, which creates kind of retro image or black rubber strap, which perfectly suits the watch as well and surely will be more durable during holiday diving.

Squale 1521 blue blasted with black rubber strap

The watch appears on wrist with a light and unintrusive look.

Squale 1521 blue blasted on wrist

At last, I provide a nice product video, after seeing which you will crave to dive with this watch at least at home in your bathtub…


Pictures (with exceptions of historical pictures lent by the manufacturer) by Marián Svítek


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