LÜM-TEC M66 vs M68 – little and big brother

As several people have already asked me do comparative reviews of watches, I decided to write about two, very similar, however different watches - models  LÜM-TEC M66 Cobalt and LÜM-TEC M68 Auto

As you can see on the cover picture, the first and apparent difference is the size of watchcases. While model M66 Cobalt (on the left) has a case diameter of 40 mm, case diameter of model M68 is bigger, and that is 44 mm. It’s related to the width of strap, at the smaller model it is 22mm and less, up to 20 mm where the buckle is. Strap of model M68 is 2 mm wider, and comes down to 22 mm. 

LUM-TEC M66 Cobalt vs M68

Not only the size of the case is important, but also the material. In case of model M68 it is regular stainless steel, grade 316L, while the smaller model is made of cobalt, rarely used in watch industry. Why cobalt? Cobalt is ferromagnetic, more solid and very tough. In human speech - it’s more difficult to scratch it than classical steel. This has an influence on higher price of the smaller model.  

LUM-TEC M66 Cobalt vs M68

In both cases, under the „cover“ you will find Japanese automatic movement Miyota 9015. Made by Citizen, it’s reliable enough for everyday wear. The wind reserve is more than 40 hours. On the picture below you can see that cobalt case is a slightly different from the caseback, as the caseback is made of classical stainless steel with a sapphire glass. Also, you can notice that leather strap has a smart „quick release“ system, that helps a fast attaching of watch without the risk of scratching the case, as you don’t need to use a springbar tool. 

LUM-TEC M66 Cobalt vs M68

All cobalt models of M-series are manufactured in two sizes, smaller 40 mm and bigger 44 mm. Naturally, bigger model M66 Cobalt XL would be a better equivalent to model M68, but this way you can imagine the size difference better. Now, let’s have a closer look at dials of both mentioned models. 

LUM-TEC M66 Cobalt dial

Smaller model uses two-colour Superluminova. I think, it’s Superluminova BGW9 on small, minute indexes and classical C3 Superluminova on all other indexes, numbers and hands. LÜM-TEC prides itself with a 3D luminous technology, so calledMDV or "Maximum darkness visibility". Practically it means that Superluminova is applied in 8 layers on chemically treated surface, which reflects the light of Superluminova back to indexes and numbers. It maximizes the shine effect. For better understanding, please see the picture below. 

LUM-TEC MDV technology

Here are the three views. First, by daylight:

LUM-TEC M66 Cobalt

Second, by gloom:

LUM-TEC M66 Cobalt - dark

And the last view, by the greatest dark. I have borrowed this picture directly from the manufacturer. You need to understand that promotion pictures are taken with the help of ultraviolet light, it means the watch will not shine in the same way under normal light conditions. Moreover, Superluminova shines considerably immediately after charging; however its intensity fades quickly after few minutes. It’s a difference comparing to watches that use tritium. It shines weaker, but with constant intensity. Its small gas tubes filled with tritium, so it doesn’t require any external light source. 

LUM-TEC M66 Cobalt superluminova

The dial of bigger model uses orange Superluminova and its grey-anthracite color. 

LUM-TEC M68 Auto

Comparing to BGW9 and C3, in luminosity chart, is this Superluminova considerably worse. Comparing to 100% luminosity of C3, it shines with 54% luminosity. 

LUM-TEC M68 Auto Superluminova

In full dark, immediately after light charge, it looks like this (picture by manufacturer): 

LUM-TEC M68 Auto Superluminova

What only few can offer you, are three types of straps included in price of both models. One of them is a brown leather strap, the second one is black rubber one and finally it valuable metal bracelet. 

LUM-TEC straps and bracelet

In case you like model M66 Cobalt, you should hurry up. It’s the last piece of this limited edition, with only 100 pieces manufactured worldwide! XL models are totally sold out. The situation is slightly better with model M68 Auto, as there were 175 pieces made. 

LUM-TEC M66 Cobalt

If you want to see how the reviewed watch looks with different straps on a hand, please take a look at pictures below. LÜM-TEC M68 Auto.

LUM-TEC M68 Auto leather strap

LUM-TEC M68 Auto steel bracelet

LÜM-TEC M68 Cobalt.

LUM-TEC M66 Cobalt rubber strap

LUM-TEC M66 Cobalt leather strap

Pictures by Marián Svítek

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