Hong Kong watch and clock fair – 1st part (travelogue)

About two weeks ago, I came back from a watch and clock fair in Hong Kong. Full of impressions, I have decided to write an article, so I could bring country and exhibition itself closer to our citizens and clients. The article might be more of travelogue than just focused on watches but I think it would be a crime to write just about watches when you find yourself in such an exotic country. I apologize for the quality of pictures but all of them were taken with cell phone.

Fly Emirates

To get to Hong Kong, you need to take a long flight and I really was not looking forward to it. I flew from Budapest to Dubai and after about four hour transfer stop, from Dubai directly to Hong Kong. If I count it all, the entire journey from getting into the car in front of my house, until getting off in Hong Kong, took 19 hours, the time spent on a plane was about 13 hours. I flew with Fly Emirates airline, airline that really is able to make your trip more of a pleasure. Either by continual serving of food and nice crew, or by technical perfectness of planes. Each seat was equipped with its own entertainment system where I was able to follow the current route or watch a big amount of movies, including the new releases or play videogames.

Entertaiment system

Dubai airport lured by many shops with luxury goods, including those with watches. 

Dubai airport - watch store

Eventually a possibility to win luxury cars simply by buying a lottery ticket. However, ticket itself was too expensive for just to give it a try, taking into consideration my luck at cards :-)

Bentley, Audi, Porsche all these cars you can win on Dubai airport

This picture shows, who controls entire Dubai. Sheikh Mohammed bin Radid Al Maktoum is both, a vice president and prime minister.

Dubai sheikh

Now, hurry up back to plane and we continue in a direction of Hong Kong. The last foiled meal on a plane and preparation for landing. 

Cake was really tasty:-)

While landing, you feel like falling down into the ocean. There is an artificially built airport on water, and you notice the airport itself at the last moment when reaching the land.


After landing, I decided to take cheaper bus instead of metro, as I wanted to have a full view of the city. Moreover, the bus brought me directly to my hotel.


Mega port on the left side confirmed that I am in a seven million inhabitants city. By the way, translation of Hong Kong is „Scented port“. I have no idea, why scented. 


And here I am, in front of the hotel. The main advantage was its location, about 10 minutes far from the fairground on foot. 

Hotel Novotel Century

Hotel was clean and had quite a „decent“view from the 10th floor.

Hotel room

When the weather in Slovakia was suddenly very cool, Hong Kong was still hot. Temperatures reached almost 30 degrees even at the evening, when I set off into the city for a dinner. That a restaurant looks like the one at the picture even at 9.00 pm won’t surprise anyone. We even had to wait unit we were seated. I felt like at a wedding. So many people. My impression was enhanced even more by the rich decorations. The disadvantage is that while temperature outside is 30 degrees, the air conditioning in restaurants is about 20. And that’s quite a temperature shock, at least for me.

Full restaurant

After a good dinner and an extremely spicy fish, I set off back to hotel, to be full of strength and ready for the fair the next day. And it really required all my strength, as there were about 800 exhibitors. 

It’s morning, so let’s go to the fair. On a way to fairground, I managed to take couple of pictures. Pedestrians walked through four-way lanes in such „overpasses“. 

Road to watchfair

Finally, the watchfair building! It seems to be really huge. Noise and construction all around. 

Watchfair building

The main entrance is situated just next to the water, and there is a nice promenade.

Main entrance to exhibition

Promenade itself.

Exhibition building interior

It was a five store pavilion, while the fair itself run on just two of them. The view from the inside of the complex.


Everywhere I read that Hon Kong watch fair is the world biggest watch and clock fair. I don’t say it wasn’t big. But I really don’t know based on what they claim it’s the biggest one, if it’s either based on number of exhibitors or the surface area. However, my subjective impression is that fair in Basil, with more than 160 000 m2, is a leader.

Each of these photo stories is quite extensive, especially when it comes to pictures, so I decided to split it into two parts. The other part will be devoted to fair itself. 

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