Epos Emotion 3391.832.20.50.30 – review

Today, we would like to talk about a model that is a part of Epos collection named Emotion. As the name suggests, the watch should evoke emotions. But is it true?

I think that long time ago, Epos company has understood that nobody buys such watch just to tell the time. This watch is more a kind of jewelry, that will became a real pride of your wrist. In Epos, they really know how to arouse your emotions. First of all, big leather box itself, in which your watch is delivered, will make you think, that a real gem is hidden inside. And you will become a child again, who carefully, slowly peeks under the cover. For better imagination, please see the illustration image of the box.


Epos watchbox


Watch, comfortably sitting on a soft cushion, will not reveal its beauty immediately. First, you have a pleasant duty to remove the price tag and all plastic foils from the cover as well as steel bracelet. The foils might make the watch strap look matte, but actually, it’s polished so intensely that seems like to be made of chrome. Of course, it’s a 316 L grade steel. After removal of all foils you realize what you might have missed when looking at the pictures at home. Two non-polished or finely abraded strips ran through the centre of the steel bracelet. This small detail, in contrast with polished parts, adds a hallmark of luxury. Apart from showing the time, minutes and seconds, dial captures your attention with additional functions, or complications, such as hands indicator of a date (date pointer), day in a week or month in a year, that can be find in the position between 10 and 2 hours, as well as favorite moon phases at the bottom part of the dial.

Epos Emotion watch

These functions are secured by Swiss automatic movement ETA 2892-A2 with model from Dubois Depraz. The movement without module is able to show only hours, minutes, seconds and standard date. As you can notice from our pictures, watch has only one crown, that is used to set the time, and for a correct set up of other functions, four built-in buttons are used. These could be easily pressed using a pen or other sharp object and in such way, for example, a correct day in a week or updated moon phase is set.

Epos 3391 Emotion watch - profile view

Looking through the rear mineral glass, you can see hard-working cogwheels of the clockwork or elegantly oscillating balance wheel, that works in a frequency of 4 Hz, what is 28 800 oscillations per hour. As usually, Epos puts an effort into nice decoration of the movement. They really are master in this. The decoration excels mostly in skeleton models or models using Unitas. The absence of sapphire glass on the caseback is a little shame. One would expect it in this price category. Further, from the rear cover, we can read waterproofness of 5 ATM (50 meters). It means, the watch will easily resist the shower, but it’s not suitable for swimming or diving. Afterwards, it’s a elegant watch, which could become even more elegant by attaching a black leather strap. An advantage is fixing of the metal strap with screws. So it is not necessary to visit watchmaker every time you want to change it. You just need to have one (ideally two, for both side grasp of screws) small screwdriver, to handle the job yourself.

Epos Emotion 3391 watch - caseback view

While leather strap has only classical „belt“ buckle, steel bracelet has butterfly clasp for even faster and more convenient fastening. In case you prefer this system, it is possible to order butterfly clasp also for the leather strap.

Epos Emotion 3391 watch - butterfly clasp

Finally, I am adding a picture of watch under UV light. That nicely lights up luminescent hands and indices of this beautiful watch, and that would no doubt brighten up your eyes, every time you look at this watch.

Epos Emotion 3391 watch - under UV light

If you are interested in this model or want to know more about technical specifications, have a closer look by clicking on this link Epos Emotion 3391.

Photograhs - Marián Svítek

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