Should I buy a mechanical watch?

It could be said that in today’s world the wristwatch lost its primary function – the showing of time. In times when we are surrounded by various electronics, it is easy to find out the precise time. We can find it on our cellphone, computer, dashboard in the car, tablets and various other electronic devices.

However the wristwatch still has its place in this society … a rather significant one … On one hand there are people who need to have the precise time always with them (a fleeting look at the wrist is still the easiest solution) and on the other hand there are those, who consider it as a fashion accessory. Thus the wristwatch has a double function – showing of time and a certain type of a fashion accessory or prestige.

It doesn’t make sense from my perspective to put on wrist a quartz watch (i.e. battery powered). It’s just another electronic chip, which we have more than enough all around us. (My advice: if you want to buy a chip for your wrist, better make it a smart watch). There are of course jobs or groups of people, for which a quartz watch is quite sufficient. You can find a simple comparison of pros and cons of quartz and mechanical watch below. What I would like this article to be about are mechanical watches (automatic or self-winding and manual winding). The majority of quality mechanical watch manufacturers come from Switzerland or eventually from Germany. They are manufacturers with a history of many years (for example the history of the Vachelor Constantin brand reaches as far back as 1755), which are true to the traditions, have their know-how, but most importantly they are the masters of the watchmaking craft. Watches originating from these manufacturers are a true watchmaking gem, through which their owner displays his values and status. 

Just like your car your watch tells more about you than you think. The difference is in the fact, that you have to park your luxury park in the parking lot in front of the building, while you take your watch with you everywhere, for example an important business meeting. Of course it’s not just about the price. You can have a watch worth tens of thousands of Euros if you don’t match it properly to your clothing.

Let’s compare the main pros and cons of quartz and mechanical watch:

Quartz watch

Quartz movement

+ more precise than a mechanical watch (ahead of time or behind the time of only a few seconds per month)

+ almost no care is necessary

+ more resistant to hits

+ cheaper

 - if the battery end, the watch stops

- less valuable

- bigger loss in value in time

- time of reliable operation is about 20 to 25 years

- replacement parts are usually harder to come by

- usually fashionable look of the watch doesn’t last long

Mechanical watch

Automatic movement

+ bigger value and quality of used materials

+ lifetime is significantly longer. With proper care the watch can operate for longer than one hundred years

+ bigger prestige

+ holds the price/value of the watch better

+ usually better in guarantee and post guarantee service

+ majority of companies with a sound name holds replacement parts for future need of the watch’s owner longer, so you can get spare parts for quality mechanical parts usually for longer time than you can for fashionable brands

+ fluid movement of the seconds hand and the possibility to observer the operation of the movement (subjective advantage – only with transparent models)

- less resistant to hits and shakes

- less accurate (can be a few seconds a day)

- necessity of winding (watches with manual winding) or wearing (automatic), otherwise the watch will stop. The correct setting of time and date is related to this. The mechanical watch has usually a winding reserve of about two days. So if they are wound up completely, they should operate for two days without you having to wind them or wear them.

- recommended occasional service (3 and 5 years) and investment tied to it

- higher price

Everybody has to consider the pros and cons individually based on his needs.

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If I haven’t convinced you about the beauty of a mechanical watch, maybe the attached video will.

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